Eric handles his audience as a true professional. The show was terrific. We were sitting three feet away and still couldn`t figure out his amazing sleight of hand!

Frank M. Aiello

"I was privileged to be present for the opening of Eric`s show last night -- an extraordinary evening of excellent magic!

The Lincoln Room is decorated like a parlor from a home of a bygone era. Complete with a fireplace and floor to ceiling windows and flowing curtains, it set an ideal mood for the intimate magic of the show. With only five rows of seats, you get to see every subtle nuance of every trick!

The show was performed without an intermission. The show built from a soft beginning with a few coin tricks to a powerful ending with a spirit box. Eric never missed a beat with each trick being more wonderful than the one before. His performance style was ideally suited to the room, and I can honestly say that he mystified the audience from beginning to end!

For the record, the show was a sensational success, and I highly recommend it to everyone!"

Sal Perrotta, New York City

"I`ve known Eric DeCamps for a very long time. Since day one I`ve been greatly impressed with his sleight of hand skill and his dedication to the art.

Years ago when Eric would see something that he wanted to learn he would use any means at his disposal to get the technique and then practice it relentlessly until it was flawless. Time and time again Eric would set his sights on some nearly impossible sleight and then quickly perfect it.

A few years ago, after many years of study and hard work, Eric decided to start doing a regular show for the general public. He found an available room in an upscale midtown hotel and started a regular weekly show. His initial run was quite good. Eric was his normal personable self and his technique, as usual, was flawless. From this show he took a hiatus in which time he retooled, added to and subtracted from his material. When he returned to the stage Eric had truly gone through a metamorphosis. Eric now has a perceptively stronger stage persona and in his magic he now uses all the great tools available to only magicians. He`s now able to make the audience feel like their presence changes the outcome of the show.

The new show doesn`t feel pat or rigid, now the audience matters. Eric has now become a great performer and with his arsenal of other skills he has entered that rarefied world inhabited only by artists."

William Kalush, Conjuring Arts Executive Director & TV/Film Magic Consultant