"Just wanted to mention something about Eric DeCamps` show Pure Magic
I missed the first 2 runs of the show and when I heard that Eric was doing another run, I was sure that I wasn`t going to miss it again.

For starters, I travelled from Boston to NYC just to see the show, and saying it was absolutely worth it would be a understatement. Growing up, Eric was one of my magical heroes, but I had never seen him work until now. Being that I held him in such high regard, my expectations for my first experience were naturally high as well (as many can relate.) I was absolutely blown away by the whole experience.

The show was beautiful, exactly what I envisioned a cabaret show to be like. To me, it was what a cabaret show should be like. The material was amazing, both entertaining and magical (not an easy combination to come by.) My only complaint was that at the end of the show, I didn`t want it to be over (but then again, leaving the audience wanting more is a great way to end.)

I wish there would be more shows like this, or that I lived closer to NYC so that I could go back. Seeing a show like this makes me happy to be a magician, and reinforces why I love magic so much. I strongly urge anyone who is in/around NYC to go to the show. It will be a wonderful experience, as it was for me."

Alpen Nacar

"I flew into Manhattan from Canada last Sunday and saw the premiere of an Evening of Intimate Magic with Eric DeCamps.

I highly recommend the performance to everyone who can get to it. It is running for a limited engagement and seating is intimate.

Eric`s show is wonderful and the venue is a setting that calls for magic, class and presentation: all of which are delivered."

J.W.R., Canada

"The title PURE MAGIC is the perfect description of the newest offering Eric DeCamps is bringing to New York City in this one man show. This is the third incarnation of the show and well worth seeing. Blending his close-up magical skills with humor, drama and masterful stage presence, Eric presents a menu of well done magic.

After his startling “Burning Glass” opening effect, the audience is entranced and captivated by his magnificent coin work in the first third of this three act program. His charm and talented manipulations draw gasps as silver dollars appear and reappear virtually without effort at his fingertips and disintegrate into a shower of sparkling glitter. This is followed by a reintroduction and streamlined “Transmigration” based on an old John Ramsey modernized for our time. His interactive use of the people sitting in the audience makes this contemporary “torn and restored tissue” twice as effective as the original.

The night club atmosphere is enhanced by the raised platform and excellent lighting and music. His well written patter is dramatic and yet he delivers it in a relaxed conversational manner. A new “Arithmancy” effect combines precognition and impossible “chance” happenings. This is followed by the best “Ambitious Card” sequence I have ever seen entitled, “Houdini’s Challenge”, the audience is challenged as well. This routine could be a show in itself. Eric involves every member of the audience and his card skills go from good to great to “pure magic”. His rendition of the Rene Levand “Bread Crumbs” is one of the most amazing pieces of drama, theatrics and impossible magic that breathes life into the classic poem which he recites during the effect.

The last third of the show features Eric’s two signature pieces. The “Pocket Mystery’ takes Malini’s Egg Bag to a new level of startling magic with a surprise ending. As with all of his effects, Decamps explains the “why” of each one as he concludes with the, “Spirit Box” made from some of the wood salvaged from the famed Davenport cabinet.

If you are in New York, this is a `must see` magical event."

George Schindler Dean of the Society of American Magicians